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 The new Young Adult book is now approaching the 20k mark. I will announce the title in a couple of weeks. Check back for updates.




Remember and honor them, they fought and died so that we could have peace. 

New Adult Romance (witches/paranormal)

On November 11th, we remember those who gave their lives to allow us the life we live today – free and with choice.

The new YA book is moving along. I’ll announce more about this in the next month. Hope you had a great Halloween. Looks like we’ll be getting some snow today. The deer were here early, vacuuming up the bird seed on the lawn. It’s too cold for Miss Fish to go outside, so she’s been a window cat of late.  Check back for updates.   Anne

YA, Science Fiction – have a read!




 Starting to decorate. On the countdown…





Oct. 3/17 – Grow-Op and Stepping Off The Blue Planet (Double Helix Nebula Series) and The People That Fall Out Of Pictures (MG) will be on kindle unlimited within the next week. Check back for updates. Have a good week! For those who have read any of the books, please post reviews!!! Much appreciated.

 I’ve started writing a Young Adult book. I’ll update as it progresses. Hoping you are having a wonderful day!

I’m officially on the countdown to Halloween.




Fall is here!!!




Books 1 + 2 Double Helix Nebula series. Space Opera with a dash of psycho-alien. When Lyra Trask marches off into the desert night to try to negotiate with a splinter group, her life will never be the same. Although this is for adults, it would be suitable for 14+ noting that there is mature content.




 Fall is settling in, getting more comfortable as the days slip away and the leaves let go of the branches. This is the best time of year, with cooler temperatures and vivid blue skies. The ravens have been by to collect their bread and the cats have had their daily feed of fish. I’ve been writing a romance (adult –  under my other pen name) and finishing up projects before the colder weather lands. I’ll be working on Book 3 in the Double Helix Nebula series after the romance is finished. After that I’ll be working on a YA.  I’m really looking forward to Halloween and Christmas and have been making plans already. All is good here.


To those setting off back to school, I wish you a great year and all good things. Be happy, be healthy, stay safe and follow your heart.  Best, Anne.

Halloween is 60 days away!!!






It’s Friday, have you narfled the garthok yet? Don’t worry, no one is judging…

If you’ve never watched Coneheads – now is the moment to right this colossal wrong. May the Force be with you.


 Aug 8/17  – Have started Book 3 in the Double Helix Nebula series. Will be a busy rest of my summer and fall. Stepping Off The Blue Planet shows the darker side of Vercon and takes a few more trips back to the 1970s. Cheers and have a good week.



 Release – Stepping Off The Blue Planet, Book 2 in the Double Helix Nebula series is now available on AMAZON 







Grow-Op is now available in print on Amazon. See link below.


Book 2 in the Double Helix Nebula series, Stepping Off The Blue Planet, is now 3/4 completed.  Stay tuned for updates about release. This is adult science fiction so I’d recommend an age of 14+. Vercon’s darker nature is revealed and Lyra is put to the test now that they are in space.





Congrats to the first two emailers. Books have been sent. Cheers and watch for more surprise giveaways.


The Virden Pet Network are going to put on an auction.  Donations of the following would be helpful: home decor, kitchenware, baked goods, gift certificates, services like shoveling or mowing etc. Please help to support your local shelters/rescues.





When her Grandma Haley warns her to shake the spiders from her shoes, Kim comes to understand those words can also apply to all the unhappy things that life has brought her.

Life hasn’t been kind to Kim Baylor. She’s fourteen going on old. After losing her dad seven years ago, life has gone downhill. Her mom’s drinking is taking a real toll on both their lives and Kim just wants to survive the chaos. Kim is dumped off at her grandma’s farm in small-town Manitoba for the summer, though she hasn’t seen her grandma since before her dad died. Life really starts to change—Kim finds Grandma Haley and her two odd friends aren’t the country bumpkins she’d thought they’d be.

Then life on the farm takes on a spooky twist with paranormal sightings and the legend of Rawlings Mannakee’s lost gold. With Jammer—her grandma’s huge black cat—at her side, she embarks on a summer filled with trying to understand the mysterious events at Haley’s farm, solving the mystery of the missing Mannakee gold and beginning her own process of healing from her mother’s destructive drinking.





Magic is everywhere, if you believe in it.