Science Fiction

Double Helix Nebula Series (Book 1)

It’s the 22nd century and Lyra Trask has continued with the research her father began, using it to create a very lucrative business. Decades of wars on Earth have led to governments and entire nations collapsing, leaving a broken society and the emergence of a new structuring. Lyra lives a peaceful existence out in the desert with Rigel, the hybrid her father created. Their life in the desert is uneventful until she makes one mistake. She breaks her father’s rule, never give interviews. Soon after, their tranquility and security come apart as a splinter group try to break into the compound. When Lyra looks down and into the eyes of one of the individuals threatening the compound, she knows there can only be one explanation for what she sees. But Lyra isn’t about to hand over her business and decides to try to bargain with the group. When she heads out into the desert night to find the leader of the splinter group, Lyra isn’t prepared for the events that unfold. She finds out that Rigel isn’t who she thought and that something very significant has been kept secret from her for twenty-seven years—the truth about her life and who she is.


Pursued by Vercon, Rigel and Lyra have no option but to leave Earth and make a run for the Munificence. Lyra and files about a project called CANNMAX have become hot commodities. When Vercon gets an urgent transmission from Vontur to return, everything goes sideways when he finds out Ariella-Two’s condition. The Vonturian medical team has a surprise for the commander and he’s not going to like it. They’ve woken the sleeping giant and she is out for revenge.