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They simply couldn’t have it both ways. It pissed her off to no end. Her business wasn’t stepping on anyone’s toes. Why would they have chosen her to rally against? And all the way out here in the goddamned desert. Only a particular segment of the population came into contact with her business and that was entirely by choice. (Copyright belongs to Anne Wentworth 2017)





As a writer, I value free speech. Canada needs a leader that will stand up for Canadian values and freedoms, support our veterans, open conversations, not shut them down. We need someone that will push back against political correctness and keep our country secure.






Update: Grow-Op is nearly completed. I’ll post the release date asap. More writing – Book 2 in the Double Helix Nebula series and a YA will be in the works. Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter and Spring!!! I love this time of year. The feline charm are back – yelling at me to get their breakfast each morning before they go onto the next house they pilfer from. (and I thought the deer were bad…) A very large owl has made his presence known, coming in the early hours to hunt from our front tree. Miss Fish is content to be running free in the wilds and being able to see her friends again. (feline charm) The ravens are here each day to see what is on offer and to play their endless games. I love living in the country.


A 5- Star review for Webster: The Unhinged Edition

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 Double Helix Nebula Series – projected release: SPRING 2017

May the luck of the Irish be with you! 



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 NOTE: New Adult (18+) Also note that Liquid Silver Publishing is an adult site.

Elle Bly is like any other twenty-one-year-old, except she isn’t. First — she’s a witch, second — she has faulty magic and third — her familiar is a foul-mouthed parrot. Elle was born into a long-established witch family and is the coven’s lucid dreamer. Her lack of Witchtechnics is excused because her kind of witch is rare.

Over the past few months, Elle’s been having a hot dream that never quite goes to the finish line. When the man from her dream suddenly appears and introduces himself as Oliver, the Sandman, and uses her familiar to communicate, Elle is confused. He gives her a book, The History of Dreams, and asks her to read it.

After finding out that even her aunt has withheld information about her destiny, Elle’s world comes crashing down. She wants answers and decides to use a spell someone has left tucked between the pages of Oliver’s book. It’s only after she’s recited the spell that she finds out there may not be a way to reverse it. The problem is, Elle’s not sure she wants to. This time, she doesn’t need to rely on magic to know what’s in her heart.

March 9/17  I’ll be writing adult/NA/YA all under the Anne Wentworth pen name. (hence the new science fiction category) 




Different take on the science fiction with the plot about how the family copes with alien take-over. Looks like Charlie might be the smartest of all of them. He seems to have his survival instinct honed.



Update: I will be releasing a new science fiction series under Anne Wentworth. Check back for cover reveal in the next few weeks.

Dream Come True – Witch’n the Web series. For release with Liquid Silver Publishing March 13/17. Please note Liquid Silver Publishing is an adult site. This book is New Adult (ages 18-25)






Reach for the stars – dream big dreams.


Really into this show. I’m devoted.

Feb 22/17 – Miss Fish is big on pizza. I’d never met a cat so loving of spicy food until I met Miss Fish. She prefers pepperoni and the little bits of sausage off the pizza. Sometimes, she squirrels it away. Once I found one of the Italian sausage bits hidden carefully away under the blanket on our sofa. I guess she was saving it for later. Miss Fish plans ahead. Right now she’s getting ready to venture out since the temps are above zero. The Blue Jays are out and tormenting her, so she wants to go have a run at them. The season has changed, I can feel it. Winter’s icy grip has lessened and the snow is melting away. There is a huge patch of grass open along our back trees. I’m watching, waiting for that moment I hear the geese calling out as they return from their winter sojourn. Have a great week!





Webster: The Unhinged Edition. Blue Swan Publishing. Amazon

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 Even more Miss Fish… okay, I admit it, I’m in love with my cat. She loves watching tv.




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